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Toshi McChrystal

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I was born and raised in Japan, and I moved to Hawaii with my family ten years ago.

I love talking to people and find joy in meeting new individuals. Additionally, I have a strong passion for learning new things. I started learning yoga and surfing after I turned 40 and I love doing both and still trying new things.

At Home Hawaii also has longtime residents of Hawaii on my team, so we can provide information about the local neighborhoods, schools, and beaches that only the locals would know, it’s not just about homes. Furthermore, At Home Hawaii also handles property management, making it ideal for those considering real estate investments.

If you choose me as your real estate agent, I will wholeheartedly support you to the best of my abilities. My motto is to provide personalized service, and I would love to assist you with real estate transactions in Hawaii. Please feel free to contact me.


どんな言語に限らず、人とのコミュニケーションが大好きで、新たな出会いを常に探しています。また、新しいことに挑戦するのも好きです。40歳を過ぎてからヨガとサーフィンを学び始め、その前までは泳げなかったことや 運動を全くしてこなかったのが信じられないように、今では週1,2回のペースでヨガ、サーフィンをしています。

At Home Hawaiiのチームにはハワイで生まれ育った社員も何人かおり、ローカル目線での地元の近隣地域、学校、ビーチに関する情報を提供できます。さらに、At Home Hawaiiは不動産管理も手がけており、不動産投資を考えている方にも最適です。


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